Saturday, August 29, 2015

16 blocks making up circular patterns

Here's another that I must have gotten years ago, and I've lost the instructions.  The sticker on the only remaining part of the packaging says "Attempt to arrange the tiles so that different colours never touch!". That seems too easy - here are two solutions that only took about ten minutes to find.

all the circles the same colour scheme, but no two colours touch anywhere
all of the tiles connected in a single loop, again no colours touching anywhere

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The PLEXi Iamond Hex solution

Since I'm recording the nice way to put the puzzles away, here is the pretty solution to the PLEXi Iamond Hex puzzle (which is apparently a licensed version of Kadon's original).

The Pentomino Square Solution

I keep having to rediscover the solution to the pentomino square puzzle that's so hard to put away nicely otherwise, so here it is.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Google Calendar not syncing to Nana's Nexus 7

For some reason, Google Calendar on Mum's Nexus 7 has a long-standing bug where it spontaneously forgets how to sync her calendar data.  Since I'm on the other side of the country, and I don't use Android at all these days, here are the notes on how to fix the issue.
  • Open Settings
  • Select Storage
  • Select Apps Data and Media
  • Sort Apps By Name (using the right-hand menu)
  • Scroll down to Calendar
  • Remove Data
  • Scroll down to Calendar Storage (this should be the next one on from Calendar)
  • Remove Data
Make sure you do both Calendar and Calendar Storage!
  • Go back to top of Settings
  • Under Accounts, go to Google Accounts
  • Select Sync (using right-hand menu)